We are a Top Ranked Managed Service Provider (MSP).

In today’s increasingly digital era, a managed service provider (MSP) is incredibly helpful to companies of all sizes and types. While technological advancements have created incredible opportunities for businesses, the unprecedented pace of change also creates new challenges. Keeping up with technology is a full-time job itself, which is why more and more companies are turning to MSPs.

We are IT Partners Inc., an MSP that provides innovative services on every level of the IT spectrum. For more than ten years, we’ve been transforming the way small and medium-sized businesses experience our managed IT services by using a proactive, strategic & personalized approach.

 With a deep resource pool and a local help desk to improve the quality and response time of our support, our clients experience a high level of IT service professionals that manage their IT environment, manage their cloud services, and manage their cybersecurity needs.

Strategic goal setting is key for getting your organization to grow; however, information technology is often overlooked in the goal-setting process.

Our goal as an Alberta MSP is to become the best IT service company in the province. Reaching our goals requires us to always improve our service to our clients through feedback and reviews. Becoming a top IT advisor that our clients can trust with their IT and cybersecurity needs.

We recently joined Clutch, a market research firm that helps companies gain valuable ratings. Clutch does a more extensive review process by verifying and interviewing each review submitted. This allows us to show genuine reviews that have more weight and validity.

Becoming the best MSP in Alberta requires us to deliver our clients exceptional results. We’re excited to report that we’ve already started collecting verified clutch reviews, and have a perfect 5-star rating!

W.F.K. Bookkeeping, a client we’ve worked with since 2011, left us our first review on Clutch. They hired us to organize their server and help get all of their employees onto the same system. Over the years, we’ve helped them implement and update various software programs. We also oversee their cybersecurity protection.

“They’re very versatile, and they’re willing to provide services, no matter what we ask of them. If we ever present an odd situation to them, they figure it out.” — Owner, W.F.K. Bookkeeping

The client recognizes the value that our services provide. They also commend our prompt, professional and experienced team.

Our most recent review came from a company that helps small–medium-sized (SMB) companies attain sales, profit, and work efficiencies. They approached us in the spring of 2019 to provide web development and IT counselling services. Since we began working with them, we have helped them beyond our normal scope in areas that our team members excel in such as web design and logo design.

Our client is very pleased with their experience of our managed IT services and is receiving great feedback from friends and colleagues. They appreciate that we’re flexible with scheduling and provide truly one-stop-shop IT services.

Clutch recently named us one of the best MSP’s in Calgary and Alberta. The Manifest, a business resource highlights service providers, and ranked us as one of the best MSP’s in Canada!

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